Cut yourself off

The main motto of energy from renewable sources is independence. And this is really about independence on the level of individuals, families and companies.

In the beginning, off grid energy systems based on solar or wind power were dealing mainly withthe establishment of small low power consumption. Typical examples are public lighting, source for the telecommunications and security systems, electric fences etc.

However, no other industry grows in such a dynamic pace as small energetics. In these days, available technologies and materials successfully compete with conventional energy technologies.

Permanent sources of electricity

Our company currently offers energy systems based on renewable energy sources capable of providing consistently delivered power with output more than 15 kW  with single-phase or three phase system. Systems are made to allow scaling of performance.

Energy-independent house - EI House

As a practical proof of the simplicity and feasibility, we built a custom installation of an independent house, where were used more advanced technologies in compliance with the simplicity of construction and affordability.