Projects - implementation - Service


Solar Time Ltd. company was founded in the year of 2009. Since its foundation it focuses on progressive solutions in electrical production from restorable energy sources. For our native and foreign customers we provide services from individual activities to the delivery in the form of EPCM contract, i.e. provision of delivery from the design draft, through the sole realization to implementation

We provide customer service during all project phases – design, projective activity for every level of projective documentation, engineering , communication with distribution companies, study of connectivity, energetic audit, delivery of material and realization activities, the connecting process and the following engineering.

After implementation of the product into production, we provide service activities and maintainance according to demands of the customer and valid legislative and technical norms and regulations.

We focus on both photovoltaic power plants and machinery connected to the distribution network as well as the off-grid program – permanent sources of electrical energy on the basis of renewable sources from small sources for street lighting and small applications, f.e. system back-up for buildings, solution for the energetically independent buildings.


  • 19.12.2008 Installation of the street lighting prototype on the basis of RES (renewable energy sources)
  • 14.11.2009 Founding of the company Solar Time Ltd. with program focus on renewable sources of energy
  • 2.6.2010 Photovoltaic power plant Dolny Bar 1MWp – putting in operation, the company acted as subsupplier of work and project manager
  • 21.2.2011 The first roof installation of the photovolatic power plant for SSEE Stara Tura
  • 2011 The company achieved 6% of market share on the market of roof installation, by which it ranked among the most prominent Slovak suppliers
  • We participated on the realization of projects with overall installation capacity of cca 12 MWp
  • Since the year of 2011 we participate in preparation of foreing projects of power plants on the basis of RES in Romania and Croatia.

We execute our own project prototype of the independent house on the basis of off-grid with its own energetic system

On the Slovak market we act as since January, 2011 as the business associate and since June, 2011 also as an authorised service partner for the German producer of photovoltaic modules and inverters, Sunways AG.

We are a member of Slovak photovoltaic association and we actively participate on this platform in communication with Slovak authorities and institutions as well as distribution companies.

We are trying to reflect dynamically on the demands of our clients, while providing maximal quality of our services. At the present time we are in the process of implementation of system quality ISO 9001:2009.